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Welcome To my Store Page and website, My name is Alan. I am the sole owner of E-Guns Fishing & Camping. I have always had a keen interest in Gold Prospecting, Gold panning, Camping and the History of World War 1 & 2 Firearms. I did 2 Dug Stone WA gold exhibitions with my dad back in 1999-2001 The Australian outback is just a fantastic place to wake up to every morning. I like spending time with dad and mates up Maryborough way to get the detectors out spending a few hours try new area's or set up some tin cans for the old 1903 Springfield on our property relaxing around a campfire. A few years back, I sold some of my World War rare 1-2 firearm collections. Unknowingly I got great satisfaction in providing customers with the same interest an excellent service and providing them with the correct knowledge about what items they are buying. I have taken it upon myself to provide my customers with a website that offers seller's, and buyers a more in-depth market place feel that incorporates a group of interests in one area such as firearms, Fishing and Camping. This website I have created is in the legacy of my mum, Loriane Nash, who past away from breast cancer age 53 in 2010. I intend to have every one dollar from an advertisement go to the breast cancer foundation by mid-2022. If you have any inquires please contact me directly at the bottom of the website. Regards, Alan


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