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K98k Laminated Stock. In Good condition. Definitely would suit if you’re looking to build a k98k Mauser or need a stock. Has evidence that it had been brought back to the Armory at some point for stock repairs and clearly looks like it’s been done professionally as the stock is very solid.  There are 2 Serial numbers on the stock one on the inside where the barrel sits 2308. 3746 on the butt, I find this interesting!  There is a small wood crack on the same side next to the recoil lug that has 2 inspections KK Marked over the crack. I’m assuming that means the armorer passed inspection by the KK markings.

No handguard, flat butt plate so indicating to me it’s around the 1940 date.

There is evidence someone has sanded the stock as there appear to be light sand marks not sure when it was done.

Nothing to hide here still a very good stock for a mismatch K98K

Happy to send more pictures on request.

please allow shipping on top.

State: VIC
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone Number: 0400484226
Make: Mauser
Model: K98K
Left Handed: Yes
Item Rating: Good

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