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Here is a k98k Laminated stock. The Stock its self is in perfect condition however at some point during WW2  the stock has been sent the Heer depot for repairs as seen in photo. I have do some research on the numbers and placement of markings, I believe the stoke is a Gustloff-Werke contract. the serial number to the stock is 2698 inside stock, 269 on underneath rear stock grip following a faint waffenamt stamp WaA78 C.  As above the stock has been sent the the Heer depot for repairs, saying that the repairs look minor and perfectly reworked as in pictures. some would say this adds character as its all history and many k98’s had to be sent for repairs from combat. The stock has been lightly sanded at some stage. This stock is perfect for a K98k rebuild. Great piece

If I get my hands on a 9K8 action and barrel ill be keeping it for a build 🙂

Can send more photos on request.

Buyer please allow for shipping cost.

Firearms Serial Number: 2698
Firearms Licence Number: 801-883-30L
Your Transferring Dealer: Jeff Pannon
State: VIC
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone Number: 0400484226
Make: Mauser
Model: K98K
Left Handed: Yes
Ship To Buyer: Yes
Item Rating: Excellent

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